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zodiac sign necklace (virgo) by BethSchniederoficial zodiac sign necklace (virgo) :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 2 0 (updated!) pink heart necklace by BethSchniederoficial (updated!) pink heart necklace :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 white stone necklace. by BethSchniederoficial white stone necklace. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 (updated!) bringing awareness in pink necklace. by BethSchniederoficial (updated!) bringing awareness in pink necklace. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 may the 4th be with you (star wars fan art 2) by BethSchniederoficial may the 4th be with you (star wars fan art 2) :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 may the 4th be with you (star wars fan art) by BethSchniederoficial may the 4th be with you (star wars fan art) :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 3 0 (updated! again) the bead dazzled turtle necklace by BethSchniederoficial (updated! again) the bead dazzled turtle necklace :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 (updated!) the black cross necklace. by BethSchniederoficial (updated!) the black cross necklace. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 (updated!) wine purple and pink bracelet. by BethSchniederoficial (updated!) wine purple and pink bracelet. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 2 (updated!) wine purple and pink earrings. by BethSchniederoficial (updated!) wine purple and pink earrings. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 presious purple stones earrings  by BethSchniederoficial presious purple stones earrings :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 deep blue stone pendant/necklace. by BethSchniederoficial deep blue stone pendant/necklace. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 1 0 Vintage rose pendant/necklace. by BethSchniederoficial Vintage rose pendant/necklace. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 2 0 the spring hue necklace. by BethSchniederoficial the spring hue necklace. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 4 0 (update!) mini hour glass necklace. by BethSchniederoficial (update!) mini hour glass necklace. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 3 0 (update!) pink heart necklace. by BethSchniederoficial (update!) pink heart necklace. :iconbethschniederoficial:BethSchniederoficial 2 0



zodiac sign necklace (virgo)
This is something I always wanted to make , and it came out pretty good ^^ it has other zodiac signs too so there is more I can use and experiment with too so i hope you all like it 
(updated!) pink heart necklace
This was taken apart from two different necklaces I think the first one is the pink rose necklace and the second one the pink heart necklace so now it's been updated completely and it is very pretty ^^ hope you all like it! (I took it apart again and put it in chain instead)
white stone necklace.
This a new jewelry piece that I wear during when I work and such it can also be worn with anything basicly, so I hope you all like this piece x3
(updated!) bringing awareness in pink necklace.
(This was updated for the sake of refreshing it and making it different with flowers now x3) inspired necklace involving the breast cancer awareness and its pink ribbon this has little pink charms inside this pendant with its sparkling white and pink beads to complete the look.
hey everyone i know i haven't been quite active as far as uploading stuff to deviant art, but i have a very good excuse for it and it is true, i have gotten a job in real life and it's the last place you would expect to get a job at, yes i'm talking about a food place, if you all want i could mention more of this in an update journal, and or you can shoot me a note if you want to
but yeah i'm adulting yeah XD life.
well since i've been tagged i will go on and do this ^^ 
ive been tagged by TheMegaNut 

the questions are:

1. Favorite color?

2. Favorite tool of the trade?
my favorite tools of the trade would have to be polymer clay 

3. Favorite subject in school/to learn about?
i guess history? or social studies or math

4. Do you have a favorite dinosaur? If so, which one?

5. What is your favorite holiday?
christmas without a doubt 

6. Have a preference for an eye color? If so, which one?
well i don't really have a preference but i like blue eyes or brown eyes 

7. Would you want to be short or tall, or do you like being the height you are right now?
tbh i like the height that i'm in i wouldn't want to change a thing about it 

8. Are you optimistic, realistic, or pessimistic?
im optimistic and a realistic when i need to be

9. Johnlock?
is that a ship paring? (sorry i never watched sherlock before please dont kill meh T~T) 

10. What's the weirdest memory you have?
hmm thats a little difficult, i guess the weirdest memory/awkward moment ever
would have to be one of the people i knew in choir that had a crush on me (way back in my softmore years 0-0.....*shrugs* very uncomfortable)

11. Disneyland or Disney World?
that's so hard XDDD i love both parks but i'll have to go with disney world 

12. Matt Smith or David Tennant?
after looking up who these two are (ik im a noob at life .0.) i would say matt smith 

13. What kind of impact would you like to leave on the world?
well that's kind of a hard one but i'll do my best, i guess when it comes to leaving an impact on this world i want it to be a possitive impact that i want to bring by being the best i can be, and wanting to inspire others to be creative and motivate others to never give up, never lose hope no matter what 

my questions:

1. what is the best good memory that you had?

2. what anime character/cartoon character do you see yourself as ?

3. when were you introduced to video games?

4. how did you get into youtube?

5. what inspires you creatively?

6. what were you most afraid of?

7. which video game fan base that you don't like the most?

8. inde games or rpg? 

9. what was your favorite disney channel tv show?

10. if you had the chance to travel to europe where would you go?

11. did you ever did a trending challenge of some sorts?

12. favorite food ?

13. favorite movie? 

and i'm gonna tag 





(im tired rn but all of you can participate as well if you want to ^^)


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Bethany Schnieder
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hi welcome to my devant art page. I'm a youtuber, on google plus and now on Twitter! so check those out! I love to draw and make jewlary too so yeah......idk how to do introducions ^^'' and loves anime, video games and making jewelry! yep I'm a real geek XD ~EDIT: ((until I figure out what the heck has happened with my channel this is the place to ask some questions of the uncertain future of it))

also quick little bit that I want to add in for jewelry related stuff.
changed: means it's been updated as of recently or subject to change no matter what.
so if you don't see the word change next to the original name for so and so then it is the original design from this and that.

so yeah that's a brief summary of what those mean I'm sure you all can figure out the rest and hope you have a wonderful day/night !


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